Book: Fundamental of Business Mathimatics CIMA- C03

Syllabus overview
This is a foundation level study in mathematical and statistical concepts and techniques. The first and third sections, Basic Mathematics and Summarising and Analysing Data, include techniques which are fundamental to the work of the Management Accountant. The second section covers basic probability and is needed because Management Accountants need to be aware of and be able to estimate the risk and uncertainty involved in the decisions they make. In the fourth and fifth sections, there is an introduction to the mathematical techniques needed for forecasting, necessary in the area of business planning. The sixth section is an introduction to financial mathematics, a topic that is important to the study of financial management. Finally, there is a section covering how Chartered Management Accountants use spreadsheets in their day-to-day work.
This syllabus aims to test the student's ability to:
• Demonstrate the use of basic mathematics, including formulae and ratios
• Identify reasonableness in the calculation of answers
• Demonstrate the use of probability where risk and uncertainty exist
• Apply techniques for summarising and analysing data
• Calculate correlation coefficients for bivariate data and apply the technique of simple regression analysis
• Demonstrate techniques used for forecasting
• Apply financial mathematical techniques
• Use spreadsheets to facilitate the presentation of data, analysis of univariate and bivariate data and use of
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