Fabulous Finger Tips

Fabulous Finger Tips
When you attend a party, you should look graceful. The way you talk and walk should be excellent. The dress you wear and the makeup you applied should be attractive, exciting and charming. You contribute your time on everything, but forget the fingers and nail. You know the trend? Long nail design is becoming very popular now-a-days. For enhancing the beauty of your hands and nail use nail polish, artificial acrylic nails and gels.
Everybody who will come across you will admire and give his compliments for unique fingernails. The choice depends on your mood and style. The nature designs our nails to grip small objects and protect flesh of the fingertips. Nails are absorbent and can absorb water. But this practice causes harm to the nails, the keratin swells and splits. As a result the nails become brittle and weak. If you use artificial acrylic nails you select long nail designs, it will not damage your fingernails.
It will be better to buy a manicure kit for cutting, cleaning and polishing nails in your home, because the nails grow constantly. Long nails design may be adopted at home, which will need a little practice. There are seven steps for a fancy manicure:
If you have already any gel or nail polish, remove it with cotton, as cotton is a proper absorbent fiber.
Give shape to your nails and file them only in one direction which should be parallel to the nail bed. Keep in mind that doesn’t curve into the corner of the nail.
Now massage cuticle oil into the nail for 2 minutes and then dip your fingers in soapy water for making the cuticles soft.
Push your cuticles back gently with tip of an orangewood stick.
Take a little moisturizer on hands and rub them gently on fingers and nails. Then clean your nails with a piece of cotton to get rid of remaining oil on the nails.
Before giving a coat of nail polish, make a base or foundation by applying a base coat. It will help the polish adhere. Remember one coat will be enough. However, you may apply a fast-drying coat, if you are in a hurry. Your hands should be looking neat and clean by caring for your fingernails. The total outlook develops when your hands, nails and cuticle will be impressive. By adopting long nails designs your hands will become amazing and attractive.
French manicure at home
This is easy, and we advice you do the manicure at least once a week. The process of French manicure is as follows:
* Fill warm water (not hot) in a small mug.
* Mix a little quantity of hydrogen peroxide.
* Mix shampoo for formation of foam.
* Dip your fingers in this solution for 10 minutes.
* Dry your hands by patting. Bleach them and once again dip your fingers in the solution.
* Clean your nails.
* Remove the dead skin with cuticle cutter.
* Finish by drying the hands and applying hand lotion.
. Massage for 5 minutes from elbow to downwards.
Cuticle care
Your cuticles is live skin which gives protection to the nail and cutting them may cause injury and infection, so use cuticle remover and push back the cuticles gently with a pumice stick in circular motions before polishing the nails

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