Hair Beautification

When the nasty and hot humid season of summer comes it invites you a lot of troubles, for example the extensive hot sunrays makes your hair frizzy and dirty. It also burns them and turns them limp. No matter that how much sprays fixers and gels you use. Your outdoor activities become harmful for your skin and hair. So how could you come out of this problem?

Here are some tips that will help you to overcome your problem and make you comfort:
1. For taking required moisture and protection you use such products that are solar range. They will provide your hair ample of elasticity and color throughout this burning weather.
2. If you have a habit of swimming and go to the pool usually, but your blonde hair is becoming somewhat green, don’t worry it is due to the chlorine used in the pools. Use an effective shampoo; this will clean satisfactorily the salt, sand and chlorine from your hair. The shampoo will also clean the hair deeply and will leave no harmful elements in the scalp. Then it will be easier for you to give an attractive style to your hair.
3. Vitamin C and E act as anti-oxidants, so it is necessary to purchase a shampoo which contains the above said vitamins. The anti-oxidants always counter the bad effects of summer.
4.  Exposure to sun and wind cause dehydration and dryness to your hair, so use a hair mask. It will moisturize  your hair and make them soft.
5. To avoid the split ends of your hair it is essential to trim them every five weeks.
6. After taking a bath try to dry your hair by a towel and take natural air, but not the dryers. The dryers and hair drying tools produce an extensive heat which evaporates the protective layers from your hair. If for time saving you are using such tools, then use such hair products that could give you a full protection against enormous heat.
7. Everyday washing is not a good practice, because it dries your hair. Use cold water for rinsing.
8. For feeling freshness and cleanliness use some talcum powder to your oily scalp, and then brush it out.
9. The powerful rays of sun penetrate in the material you are using to cover your hair, so avoid it and use sun protection products.
10. If you are willing to have wavy hair without using any tool, then after washing them rub the hair with serum and braid them. After drying your hair completely open the braid. Your hair will become naturally wavy.
11. To keep your body cool, clean and fresh use ample of water daily. Eight glasses of water /day will do well, especially during summer. It will also make your hair clean.
12. If your hair is looking dull and limp, take a shampoo and conditioner with moisturizer, it will make your hair shining.
13. If your hair is flat you want to make them wavy, and then roll them in big rollers. Leave them for an hour and when you are leaving remove them. Your hair will become wavy and curly for the party.
Hair Beautification
14. Aloe Vera and milk proteins promote the healthy growth of hair. It also goes deep and gives strength to the shafts of hair.
15. If your hair is flat, then don’t touch greasy products such as wax and pomade, they will make your hair heavy. Go for shorter hair style, make them curly, wavy and put layers in your hair. It will give them strength for lasting.
16. When adopting any style, keep in view about cut of your face. Styles are different for different face cut. For making your hairstyle softer and fresher get a fringe in this summer.
17. Before coloring wash your hair with shampoo. The practice will remove the odd things which may give a bad result.
18. For producing healthy lust keep a spray bottle in your handbag for sun protection. It will reduce the frizz.
19. For different hair products are different, so when going to the market for buying any thing take an advice from your hair stylist.

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