How Does Hair Get Damaged?

Hair are most important part of your body and add beauty to your personality. Many people are gifted with beautiful hair but with passage of time their hair become rough and damaged and at the end people face problem of hair fall. Why and when does it happen with hair? There are several causes of hair problems that usually start from teen ages of people when they become fashion and beauty conscious. Here is some information on the issue why does hair get damaged?
Poor Diet Schedule
Imbalanced diet schedule is the first and foremost common cause of damaged hair. People drink less plenty of water and take irregular and unhealthy diet that affects hair growth, health and beauty. Proper diet must be taken for hair growth and beauty.
Excess Use of Shampoo

Some people use shampoo more than needs of their hair like they take bath twice a day and use shampoo both times. All of us know that shampoos are manufactured using different saturated and diluted chemicals that can harm beauty of hair if used more than needed.
Frequent Use of Beauty Gadgets
Some style conscious people use different beauty gadgets to get newer and stylish looks. Most commonly used gadgets include blow dryer, hair straighter, hair curling rod and many more. Frequent use of these gadgets make hair dry and then damaged. All people are advised not to use these gadgets frequently for health of their hair. People who use blow dryer as a routine with every bath, should change their habit and let their hair dry naturally.
Hair Cosmetics
Regular use of hair cosmetics also affects hair beauty adversely. Temporary beauty by using these cosmetics gives very poor results. Most commonly used hair cosmetics include gel, hair spray, hair color etc. These cosmetics also spoil hair color and white hair start from scalps.

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