Lips Makeup

Individual’s preferences regarding beauty, style and makeup may range from minimalist to top but importance of lips beauty is not compromised in any preference. People are very conscious about lips beauty and applying lips cosmetics to enhance one’s beauty. Lips play a vital role either we are communicating or having romance. A nice and healthy smile is very important for all beauty conscious people. To build a person’s appearance, lip care is of greater importance.
Here are some special tips for lips care and applying lips cosmetics to look more beautiful:
  • Pencil all over the lips and apply lipstick. Use soft lip pencil to avoid poor effects on lips.
  • To look your lips fuller, line your lips with lip pencil and then apply lipstick. Blend the edges with sponge applicator. For glossy lips apply lip gloss or petroleum jelly.
  • To highlight your lips use very light eye shadow. Place it in the center of upper and lower lips.
  • If you have fuller lips then don’t apply too glossy or shiny lipstick.
  • If you have thin lips then apply slightly beyond your lips and then apply lipstick.
  • Don’t apply very dark shaded lipstick on thin lips.
  • Don’t sleep with lipstick on your lips. Doing this freshness of your lips will be gone and they will become dark.
  • Use branded lips cosmetics.
  • To get sexy lips, don’t apply slick products as they will make your lips slide off. Apply some lip balm on your lips like chapstick and massage your lips with your finger tips and let it sink into lips.
  • After applying lipstick, kiss back of your hands with lips to remove excess cosmetic. In the way you will get kiss-me-lips.

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