Natural Skin Care Tips for Healthier, Beautiful Skin

For improving your skin and make it shine you use skin-care products, but that is not enough. The perfect food, beverages and precautions also make you healthy and make you skin clear and shiny. Here are the tips what you have to eat:

1- Water: Water clean you body and as well as your skin. It washes the toxins from your skin. Doctors prescribe 10 to 12 glasses of water/day for summer season.

2- leafy vegetable: If you want to make your skin clean and shiny, take green and leafy vegetables, such as beans, broccoli and spinach. All these vegetables contain fiber which cleans your intestines regularly and keeps your skin smooth and healthy.

3- Whole grains: For glowing all the seasons take whole grains, because they have antioxidant properties and fight against acne and bad cholesterol LDL. Whole grains could be taken in the form of pasta, cereal and bread.

4- Apples: An apple a day, keeps your doctor away, because apple contains pectin, sugar and organic acids which provides your skin softness, moisture and nourishment. Take them frequently and will solve your skin problems.

5- Red lean meat: To avoid lacking of iron from your diet take lean red meat.  When lacking of iron occurs the skin becomes pale, and dark circles appears under your eyes. Red meat is a nice source of iron, so take it moderately, and ensure yourself that red meat is not big in quantity, because it is rich in fat. It will better for you to take advice from your dietitian.

6- Seeds: Seeds are full of fiber and rich in fatty acid, so if you are not taking fish take seeds or at least cook your foods in seed oil. The seed makes your skin harmful and attractive.

7- Peaches: It is a good source of Vitamin A and C and contains fiber, especially if eaten with the peel. Doctors recommend eating peaches to avoid acute infectious disease anemia, reduce cholesterol in blood, prevention of cardiovascular and renal diseases. This is why its extract are used in moisturizes and other skin products.

8- Red and purple foods: The antioxidants help to flow the blood properly and smoothly under the skin and keeps it clean. The red foods and vegetables like red carrots, beet root, turnip, black grapes and pomegranates provides you a large amount of antioxidants, so try it and make yourself fresh and glimmering.

9- Eggs: If you want to protect your skin from the lacking of iron, take eggs. If you are not a patient of diabetes, you could take two eggs daily. Eggs provide iron and good cholesterol. It will better for you to make omelet. Keep in mind that eggs are option of lean red meat.

10- Vitamin C: This vitamin care your skin and gives a special effect on your. Take oranges which are very rich for vitamin C. In the correct amounts and in the right formulation, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can stimulate collagen and elastic production, firming skin and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant powerhouse also lightens skin, reducing blemishes and brown spots, and protects against future sun damage.

11- Omega-3: Fatty acid omega-3 reduces the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the body. You will find this useful acid in fishes, so eat fishes twice a week. It will give a charming look to your skin.

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