SKIN CARE (Internal and external)

Skin Care
Before going in front of your mirror and taking heavy make-up with the help of the creams, moisturizers, mascaras and lotions, you should know about the type of your skin, which will help to give you knowledge about using effective things on effective times.

Don’t stand in front of your mirror for checking your age factor; it will be better to collect information about skin. The magic lotions and creams may provide a day-long smoothness, but not the timeless beauty. It is compulsory to know that what is going on inside of your skin. Glowing face didn’t mean that all is well inside. It will be appreciate able to know the skin from internally and as well as externally, because there is a hidden link between the two surfaces.
Before going for toning, cleansing and moisturizing first you know about the type of your skin, either it is oily normal, combination, dry or mature. Remember only one thing that make-up means tested way to care for your skin, How you care for it is another thing.
Following are skincare procedures for women with different skin types and their needs.
1- Cleansing
For removing the residue from your night cream on every morning plain water is best, which is a nice cleanser. A cleanser is such a product that when your skin will touch, it will respond, so it will not be a fine practice to find a good face cleanser and stick to it. Cleansing is also essential for your body and only daily bath isn’t enough. You have to invest some time for body cleansing treatments.
2- Toning
It didn’t mean to use a gel or toning water. Through cleansing it is a hard session of body, but when we talk about face toning means finishing of the residual of make-up and dirt of the face. It also closes the tiny pores of the skin.
3- Moisturizing
After applying a facial on your face, when it feels tightness, means that became dry, we apply a facial moisturizer which gives a slight wetness to the pores of the face skin actually moisturizer hydrates it, but it should be done with a limitation, the over moisturizing clogged your pores. Whereas body looses moisture throughout the day, so the body moisturizing has more dampness than facial moisturizing. The right time for body moisturizing is after bathing, when there is still dampness.
4- Before ‘good night’
Before saying ‘good night’ to everybody and lying on bed, take night creams. All the day long when you go in sun and your skin become dry, it recover its cell in night, with the help of night creams. The cream gives a suitable texture, due to the fine night-time body care. Quality wise the skin improves when we apply rich body moisturizer, like cream.
5- Sunscreen
The sunscreen protects us from sun rays. Surely these are the sun rays that cause heavy damages to our skin and put premature facial wrinkles on our face. So it is necessary to take a sunscreen in our daily life throughout the year. A SPF-50 is the best for the purpose.

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