Bright and bold hues

Go bright with skin tone tooBright and bold hues are big this season. The trick is to choose the one best suited for your complexion. 

"Women should use one element at a time while choosing neon makeup. You can either highlight your eyes or your lips with a bright colour.

Don't go overboard because this will mess up your look." 
Neon is just not restricted to clothes, but is big on makeup as well. But the question, however, is which colour suits the Indian skin tone? The best thing about neon makeup is that no matter what your complexion is, there's always a right shade for you. The most important thing is to create the right balance. 

Those who have a light complexion with pale pink or yellow undertones — bold greens, bright blues and deep neon purples are your safest bet. Purple tends to flatter your skin tone and makes your face look brighter. Also try a hot pink on your lips to add some drama.
For Medium or light-wheatish skin 
Women with a medium complexion should sport neon orange, yellow or tangerine. These colours will make your skin appear fresh. 
Dusky skin 
While it is extremely tricky to pull of a neon trend on a dusky complexion, the key to keeping your entire makeup classy is by selecting hues that don't make your face look stark. Brightpurple for your lips or a fuchsia eye shadow is the perfect way to pull off this trend. Remember that lighter brights contrast the best against dark complexion so pick one feature to highlight with a bold shade and use neutrals to play up the rest. 
How to use neon makeup right
 "Desi skin colours go best with warm or neutral colours. Along with the neon colour that you choose, a dash of gold on your cheeks can highlight the cheekbones of any complexion."
If you want to be adventurous, pair your neon with other saturated shades.

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