Diabetes Meliitus-Control

DM (Diabetes Mellitus) is a cronic systemic disease, if not treated causes damage to your kidney, heart, peripheral nerves, eyes.... it decreses ur immune system and makes vulnerable to different iinfections like respiratory, urinary, ans skin... 

1) Control ur sugar level by oral hypogicemic meds.2) Eat 6 times a day..... 6am. 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm.... (10am-natural fruit juice, 4pm same, 10 pm ---i glass milk without sugar)3) Consult dermatologist, eye specialist, nutrionist every year ....4) consult a medical specialist to adjust your diet/energy uptake according to ur weight.5- Do 4/5 times a week a walk of 30 minutes...not hard exercise.... eat somthing before to avoid hypoglycaemia...6- check ur colestrol evry 3 month and control through low fat uptake by avoiding red meat, egg yolk, and other fatty food7- dont eat sugar made/refined things like icecream, artificial drinks, sweats etc8- avoid accidents, skin cuts and check ur foot every day. clean properly ur feet 9- use a comfortable shoe, not hard...-10- cut regularly ur nails11- avoid respiratory infections12- chek ur blood pressure every 3 month.13- do all tests like CBC, ekg, kidney, glucose, creatinine, uric acid, urea, colestrol, TGO TGO evry 3/4 month14- last thing if u wanna live a normal life you have to modify ur life stlye and follow the DM treatment protocol to avoid life threatning complications.

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