Eight Trendy Hairstyles for Teenagers

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1. Layered hair
The layered haircut is a very popular hairstyle among teenagers. It is a playful and stylish style that suits more hair lengths and face shapes. In a layered haircut, the hair is trimmed to form various layers, giving the hair plenty of volume.
This hairstyle is a favorite among girls who like long hair, as this haircut creates an illusion of length. The layered haircut is best suited for teenagers with fine hair.
2. Very straight hair

Today’s teenagers also have a fascination with very, very straight hair. Not everyone is gifted with glamorously straight hair, but a trip to the salon can fix that. With the help of hair straightening machines, rebonding services, and the like, perfectly long, straight hair is definitely attainable.

3. Pixie hair

The pixie hairstyle is another favorite among today’s teenagers. Also known as a boy cut or a punk cut, the pixie cut is made up of long, slanting bangs in front. If you’re a teenager in search of an even more daring look, you may want to play with highlights in various colors. Orange and red are favorite colors for pixie cuts.

4. Emo hair

The emo haircut is another punk look and is yet another popular hairstyle among teenagers. Although the term “emo” generally refers to people who live a depressed, reluctant, and melancholic lifestyle, you don’t necessarily need to do so in order to sport this look. The emo haircut is known for long bangs and sharp spikes.

5. Scene hair

A scene haircut is very similar to a layered haircut—except that there are only layers in front, and very fine layers at that. In a scene hairstyle, the hair is parted to the side, creating a girly and stylish look.

6. Bob cut

More and more teenager girls are trying out the bob cut. This short haircut is often cut straight all around the head at one’s jaw level. With a bob, bangs or a fringe are at the front of one’s face. This haircut is a favorite because it is easy to maintain and does not require a lot of attention or care.

7. Inverted bob cut

The inverted bob is another trendy hairstyle among teenagers. This type of haircut is the opposite of the bob. With the inverted bob, hairs in front are kept long, while hairs at the sides and at the back are kept short. For a more stylized look, some teenagers dye their hair in a rich red or purple color.

Soft Curls
Nothing is quite as feminine as soft curls on a girl or woman. Depending on hair length, one can opt for short, cropped curls or perhaps wear long curls that cascade down one’s back. Curls are romantic and sophisticated.

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