Green Juices for High Energy

Green Juice and VegetablesOnce you’re established in the art of juicing, you’ll want to move your way from the typical sweet juice and venture into the greener juices. These juices are chalk full of vitamins and essential minerals that your body needs, especially when juicing for weight loss. If you’re ready to go green, consider these ideal green juice ingredients.

Granny Smith apples offer that perfect combination of sweetness and tartness to any juice. Use Granny Smith’s to sweeten up leafy greens.

Cucumber has a high water content, but it’s also full of chlorophyll and fiber. When you’re creating a green juice, it adds a fresh flavor.
Leafy Greens – Romaine, Chard, Spinach and Kale
These leafy greens are things doctors recommend to eat raw, so of course you should use them when you’re juicing for weight loss. These four heavy greens are packed full of vitamins such as A, K, C and lutein. From their intense green color, you know they’re going to give you the minerals you need.
Parsley and Mint
These bright, palatable flavors can help boost just about any juice mixture. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and B12.
Kiwis are aggressive in flavor when you add them to juice, but they offer a touch of sweetness that can combat heavy greens.
The more greens you use, the better when you’re juicing. This is because fruits, while healthy, still pack the sugars which can counteract your weight loss plans. Drink your healthy juice like a meal replacement shake or use it with a meal to help lower the amount of solids you eat per sitting. Whatever you do, try to not remove the pulp – it contains most of the fiber in your veggies and fruits. Round out your diet with proteins that include seafood, tofu, nuts, lentils and beans.

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