The Benefits of Long Term Juicing for Weight Loss

When you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll hear time and time again that adding fresh fruits and vegetables can help make your weight loss process easier. By substituting high-calorie foods with low-calorie fruits and vegetables, you can lose weight. When juicing for weight loss over extended periods, you’ll still need to pair your low-calorie fruits and vegetables with other healthy foods, but when you do, you can devise a strategy for fast, healthy weight loss.

Lower Calorie Meals
Vegetables and fruits have less calories than your higher calorie options like desserts, whole-grain celeries and even granola bars. For example, a kiwi has just 42 calories, while shredded whole-grain cereal contains 185 calories in 24 pieces. By just removing 600 calories of high-calorie food items and replacing them with 100 calories of juiced items, you get the vitamins, nutrients and minerals you need while keeping a large enough deficit to lose weight.
More Fruits and Vegetables
While juicing for weight loss doesn’t automatically help shed the pounds, the CDC has already shown a distinct correlation between increasing your fruit/vegetable intake and weight loss. Since both contain a small amount of calories, you’ll feel fuller and lose weight faster. And, juicing helps you take in a large amount of fruits and vegetables in a delicious drink form.
Fresh and Convenient
Most diets require you to sit and eat raw fruits and vegetables. These can be difficult for most people to eat, which leads to the use of condiments or other items to mask the taste. When juicing for weight loss you can create a blend of healthy fruits and vegetables that taste great, are fresh and convenient. You can drink your regimen on the go while still consuming a good dose of vitamins and minerals in one sitting.
The benefits of juicing are endless. Whether you’re looking to shed holiday weight or you want to lose a significant portion of weight, increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and decreasing the high-calorie foods will certainly help.

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