Troubled by acne?

Troubled by acne?
While it is easy to turn to cosmetic products to treat breakouts and scars, nothing beats a natural approach when it comes to dealing with acne. It is known that certain food items not just work effectively on acne, but also help you keep your skin glowing and healthy, especially in the scorching summer.

Read on to find out a few from the list:

Almonds: This dry fruit works wonders on the hair and skin, thanks to the excess magnesium and vitamins E and B in it. Even better, it contains excess fibre and is low in trans-fats. You can eat whole almonds as a snack or add sliced almonds to salads, cereal, yogurt, or baked goods.

Salmon: This fish is known to be a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which help get rid of those ugly breakouts. Also, salmon has healthy fat and is rich in proteins, which in turn allows to build collagen in the skin, keeping it supple. It'll also protect your skin from the harsh sun.

Spinach: Rich in proteins, iron and vitamin A, this green leaf battles inflammation that produces acne. Also, with high collagen levels, this veggie makes skin look both tight and clear.

Cucumber: The skin of cucumber has silica, which is a beauty mineral. It arrests acne, treats breakouts and also keeps the skin looking young.

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