Ways to tackle adult acne

Ways to tackle adult acneStrangely enough I never had a problem with acne as a teenager, but I didn't get away scot free. When I got into my twenties, I got a bout of what's called adult acne. Thankfully a face wash, of salicylic acid and mosturizering component, helped me a great deal in sailing through. I also recommend frequent check-ups with the dermatologist. After all, experts know the best.
For every regime, each time I use a face wash, I follow it up with an eye cream. Gruelling shooting schedules, heavy lights and dust are harsh on your skin, and the under eye area is the most sensitive. So I make sure I keep it moisturised and clean immediately once I get back home. I don't usually use cleansing creams, but instead a face wash that suits my skin type.

Mane point
I like washing my hair everyday. Travelling to so many places for shoots and promotions makes my hair very dirty. I use a mild shampoo and cleanser for that.

Naturally speaking
I don't really follow any home remedy for beauty, but I do follow a diet for a healthy glow. I drink a lot of jasmine and tulsi tea, as they contain powerful antioxidants, which are said to be great for the skin. I also avoid sugar whenever I can, and take less salt, to beat water retention.

Quick fix
Say you're about to meet somebody and have just ten minutes to get ready. Take a lot of moisturiser and apply it liberally over your face and neck. With a cube of ice, keep rubbing it all over until the ice melts. There will be an instant glow on your face, you won't even need any make-up!

Beauty tips
- Have a healthy diet laden with anti-oxidants, preferably tulsi tea
- Go for good cosmetic brands that suit your skin type. And remember just because it's the most expensive, doesn't mean it's the best for you
- Sign up for yoga for that glow

Must haves in your make-up kit
Compact powder, kajal, mascara and a lip balm

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