Alcohol may destroy your personality

Did you know? Your neuronal patterns in your Cortex are responsible for your personality or that is to say for who you are as human being.
It is said that we are all the same and at the same time very different. We are all the same on a mammalian level, but are all different due to our diversely experiences and nurturing in life. The specific neuronal patterns in our brain make up our thinking, judgment, personality and our habits. All memories are stored in the human brain.
With each new decision that one makes, he accesses his vast database of experiences and forms a judgment on how to behave or react.
How about this: With every intoxication, millions of brain cell connections, called dendrites, die off in your brain, these are responsible for who you are as a human being. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an anti-alcoholic but this substance is surely underestimated in our society. Getting drunk, even amongst adolescents, is nowadays totally normal and acceptable.
The various damages that are caused by alcohol abuse are being slowly discovered by scientists. What is known so far is simply terrifying.
All your personality consists of neuronal patterns, specific connections between specific cells. If you drink, you damage these connections and do not enable to form new ones, or at least hinder the right formation of brain cells. That means that during intoxication, you destroy a part of your personality. A part of who you are, of what makes you different from every other human being alive.
But this is only a relatively harmless consequence. The long-term damages of alcohol on the brain are severe. And range from short-term dementia to an Alzheimer's like state. And because alcohol has a neurotoxic effect, it not only damages your brain but your whole body, especially your liver and kidneys.
Don't fall for it. The price you pay is simply not worth it. If you need to escape everyday worries or lift up your mood, there are various different alternatives that allow you to do this without harming your body. Working out has a similar effect to being drunk. It releases hormones like dopamine and serotonin, the "happy chemicals" of the body.
The “positive” effects of alcohol are temporally. If you drink in order to feel happy, you may risk an physical and psychological addiction. Limit yourself to 1-2 light drinks per day and at a maximum of 3-4 times a week. “Dosis sola venenum facit” – The dose alone makes the poison. Small doses of alcohol can even improve your cognitive abilities and improve your blood flow.

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