Homemade food scrub for foot careGoing to parlours for pedicures and manicures may seem like a costly affair when the same results can be aceivable at home ,well I feel better results .The foot scrubs which is available in the market are a bit pricey and made from all the chemicals which we are not aware of soo why not make at scr fooubat home with all the natural ingredients and store it and use it when required.
Well I have tried this and it saved my lets go ahead and learn about this absolutely easy and afoordable foot scrub
How to make die foot scrub


Die foot scrub for foot

You need

1 A bowl
2 A spoon to mix
3 A jar to store the foot scrub

Ingredients used

1 White sugar
2 Baking soda
3 Olive oil
4 Honey


1 Jojoba oil
2 Essential oil


Add  I cup of white sugar in a bowl next add 2 tsp of olive and and mix well with a spoon avoid using hands then add 2tsp of baking soda and mix again.Then add 2tsp of honey and mix well unit all the lumps  are removed.then you can add 1tsp of jojoba oil and essential oil to give it a nice smell and mix well.viola the foot scrub is it in a a jar.
Use this scrub before or while taking a shower and massage in circular motion and concentrate on the rough spots.once you rinse it your feet will remain moisturized because of the oil .This scrub can be used on hands as well.

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