Emo hairstyles

1. Emo Hairstyle Look 1
emo looking hairstylesThis is a nice Emo cut hairstyle with a graduated cap cut bangs. This look can be achieved by colouring your hair white and ensuring that it is done in horizontal sections. Then you can straighten and pull back your tresses which will set the temporary/permanent hair colour. Apply some golden streaks in the front and leave the hair long at the back.

2. Emo Hairstyle Look 2:

emo looking hairstyleThis hairstyle can look stylish and you should have real guts to sport this look. This look definitely needs regular follow up and maintenance however. It has a coloured graduated bang which goes down symmetrically and straight towards the tips. The fringy, choppy and tiny bangs in the top section can be spiked out with gel.

3. Emo Hairstyle Look 3:

emo hairstylesThis is a spiky banged hairstyle. Make sure that you get this haircut from a nice salon. This hairstyle does not require too much colour addition because the haircut itself is quite punk. You may need a strong holding gel to maintain the spikes when you want to make the strands stand up. Try this cool hairstyle if you like experimenting with hairstyles.

4. Emo Hairstyle Look 4:

emo hairstyleDo you have nice wavy hair? This hairstyle can make you look gorgeous. Colour up your hair in white and apply streaks of blue. You can use temporary hair colours also.

5. Emo Hairstyle Look 5:

emo hairstyles tumblrNo doubt, this look is a total smash hit. Play with white and black colours and flaunt this stylish look.
6. Emo Hairstyle Look 6:
emo hairstyles for girls shortFront swept banged look along with the striking red colour makes this an amazing hairstyle to sport.

7. Emo Hairstyle Look 7:

emo hairstyles for girlsLooking for a short cropped Emo look? Try this one and get a face-lift! Orange, black and light golden colours in the front makes the hairstyle a total show.
8. Emo Hairstyle Look 8:
emo hairstyles for girls with short hairThis choppy, fringy and spiky look can be a total emo punk look along with some blue highlighted long sections.
9. Emo Hairstyle Look 9:
emo hairstyles for short hairThis is a simple version of Emo style that you can sport without going too much over the top. It has normal streaked golden hair highlights; however, the cut makes it different. This hairstyle is graduated short cropped hair with the trademark spikes of Emo look.

10. Emo Hairstyle Look 10:

emo hairstyles for short hair girlsThis is a total boyish short cropped style with trimmed sides. These days, boyish look is a raging trend among girls.
Hope you liked the top 10 Emo hairstyle looks. Once you decide to try any of these top Emo hairstyles, keep in mind that colouring and excessive gel application can damage your hair; therefore, take necessary precautions.

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