Funky Duos Lip Makeup Tutorial – White And Pink

Sometimes going out of the ordinary and predictable can be quite fun. Especially when it comes to makeup this can be even more exciting. We experiment a lot with eye makeups or our clothing but we hardly try experimenting with lip makeups. You have to be bold enough to experiment with funky lip makeups.

Duos Lip Makeup:

Here is a new trend of lip makeup known as the Half and half or duos lip makeup.Today we will show you how to create a fun pink and white funky duos lip makeup.

Things you will need are:

  • A lip Balm
  • A concealer
  • A foundation
  • A white liner pencil
  • A pink liner pencil
  • A light pink lipstick of your choice
  • A tissue paper

Step 1:

It’s best to moisturise your pretty lips before going for any lip makeups. So use a nice lip balm and massage well your lips. Make sure that there are no dead skin cells on the lips because they really make a lip makeup look uneven and blotchy.
Step 2:
Step 2:
Apply your concealer on the lips and blend with the lip skin well.

Step 3:

Gently apply dots of foundation on to the lips with a lip brush. You can use your fingers too
pencil liner tips

Step 4:

Take the white liner pencil and start drawing outline of the lower lips from one corner. Be very careful as precision is very important while drawing a proper line of the lips. Draw the line a little away from the natural line of the lips.
swollen lower lips causes

Step 5:

Complete your line of the lower lips.
dark pink liner for lips

Step 6:

Take the dark pink liner and start drawing the line of the upper lips. Be careful about the “ V” of the lips. You have to define the “ V” Of the lips very precisely.
upper lips dark

Step 7:

Complete the lining of the upper lips.
duos lip makeup

Step 8:

This is how your outlining for a duos lip makeup should look like.
white liner pencil

Step 9:

Take the white liner again and start filling in the lower lips . This lip makeup has to be a bit dry , so don’t use any creams on to the surface before application of white liner.
lower lips makeup

Step 10:

This is how the lower lips should look like.
favourite pink lipstick

Step 11:

Now take your any favourite pink lipstick ( preferably a bit dry pink lipstick) and fill in the upper lips.
paper napkin

Step 12:

Blot the excess off on to a tissue paper or a paper napkin. This will help the upper lips not to give blotchy effect onto the white lower lips. This is the reason which is why it’s best if both the colours are of dry kind. Otherwise the glossy pink from upper lips will create a blotchy or ombre effect on to the lower lips when both the lips come in contact with each other.
half and half lip with pink

Step 13 :

This is how the final duos or half and half lip with Pink and yellow should look like. It might not be the best thing to wear for a day out but can be quite a funky thing for a girl’s makeup party or something playful as that.
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