Latest Hairstyles Ror Round Faces

layered hairstyles for long hair1. Long Layers:
Long layered hairstyles have been favored for many many years!
In this case, round faced beauties are much luckier than those with a longer face. They can sport any type of long hairstyle with ease and grace. Whether straight, curly or wavy hair,layered hairstyle looks good on any hair type.

You may also pair your layers with bangs, straight or side-swept which gives your face an angular dimension which cuts down the roundness and elongates your face. 

2. Bob Cut:

A timeless cut which suits all age, hair type, hair texture and hair colour. True, but you may think that bob cuts will only make your face look fuller and rounder. No, with the proper length and style, you can cut down the chubbiness from your face. This cut was made famous in the 1920’s by Hollywood actress Louis brooks and is tried even today although with various modifications.
There is a bob to suit all face shapes and types. The right angle and the right length can do wonders in reducing roundness by taking the focus away from shape and distributing it across the features!
Katie Holmes inverted bob is a very popular hairstyle for women with round faces. Ask your hairdresser to cut your hair in such a way that the front hair falls just below your jawline and the back hair ends at the nape of your neck. The layer framing your face till the chin cases it and tones down the effect of the natural face shape.

3: Pixie Cut:

pixie hair cut for girls
Ok, get chic with this trendy short hairstyle called pixie cut but beware this is not easy to carry. Make sure that the cut is not cropped till the neck line and ask your stylist to add some bangs for a more angular look.
These modern and new hairstyles for round faces will give you the look of a show stopper the next time you hit the party circuit.

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