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This past month was quite a blur. Wow. Crazy. Emma had her wedding and honeymoon. Then, the day she got home we jumped back into a book project that is due sooner than later. Sometime soon I'll write a whole post about what it's like to write a blog AND a book. It's a little crazy (understatement of the year). At the same time, there is this weird sense of electricity and adrenaline that happens. We get SO hyped up (and then we crash and order pizza), and that's pretty much daily life during book deadline months. It's maybe not as glamorous as you'd imagine. It's chaotic and sometimes very stressful. One moment we feel like superheros, and the next moment there are tears. In the end, every big project brings us closer together as a team and teaches us more and more about what we want for the future. Accomplishing big things together always propels us forward and reminds us what can happen when we give %100 each day. ♥ 

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In other news, we're working on our back yards this week! It's so exciting to work on creating our dream outdoor spaces. I had a mini bulldozer in my yard this week and my grass is, like, gone. Yikes! Time for some grass seed. I'll be sure to share photos when it gets to a more finished stage. Cross your fingers for us! 

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