Top 10 Beauty Tips For Dry Lips

Dry lips
Dry lips can be very annoying especially during winters so you have to keep your lip balms handy to keep it moisturized. Here’s a list of beauty tips for dry lips that will help you sail through any time of the year with beautiful and moisturized lips.

1. Stay indoors as much as you can:

Hard, but yes, keeping yourself over exposed to elements in the environment just aggravates the lips to get drier. It may seem too hard to keep yourself away from a nice winter, sunny afternoon, but try to cut down on stepping out.

2. Lip balms – a must for dry lips:

Lips balms act as a protection from the sun.  A thin coat is good enough to keep it greasy and it also helps lips from getting chapped.

3. Use the right lip balm:

Peppermint enriched lip balms soothe the chapped lips. Opt for lip balms with natural oils. They tend to keep the lips hydrated for a longer time.

4. Avoid licking your lips:

Licking your lips when they are dry is a common habit that all of us have. But it is not a good idea if you’re looking to treat dry lips. It is a vicious circle, you lick, it dries and you lick again. Biting doesn’t help either. It makes the lips dry and sometimes bleed too.

5. Avoid irritants that get in touch with your lips:

Ingredients in toothpastes for example are proven to cause irritation on dry lips. Obviously you can’t stop brushing your teeth but just be extra cautious not to let it linger on your lips for too long, especially for children who cannot brush without dripping toothpaste from their mouth to chin.
candy lips

6. Say no to mouth breathing:

Just like licking, mouth breathing is also a bad idea for similar reasons. Too much moisture on the lips tends to dry up fast, causing even drier lips. Let your nose do the job of keeping the impurities entering to your lungs.

7. Exfoliation of lips:

Yes, don’t look so shocked but you do have lip scrubs to exfoliate your lips. It is obviously to help you get rid of the dead skin and make your lips soft and supple, ready to be kissed!

8. Drink lots of water:

On one hand we spoke of moisture being lost from your lips, now let’s talk about how you can regain it. The obvious answer is to drink lots of water to keep the level of moisture balanced. It also helps to clean up your system for an overall healthy body.

9. Pop in multi-vitamins:

Taking multi-vitamins takes care of everything, not just dry lips. It is very important that your body gets the required minerals and vitamins, be it in the form of your regular food or through supplements.

10. Visit a doctor if things go out of hand:

If all the above measures fail, it’s best you go to a doctor. You might have an infection that needs immediate medical attention.
Just follow these simple beauty tips for well moisturized and beautiful lips.

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